Hello y’all! I’m Ethan McElvaney,
a Cary-based designer and
eLearning developer. 

I have over four years of professional experience working with eLearning development, user experience design, and graphic design for freelance, part-time, and volunteer work.

In my spare time, I learn more about building courses, read, hike, play action RPGs, and raise my son with my wife. I want all of my work to make education as engaging and accessible as video games and blogs. This is part of why I am a huge fan of hands-on learning and microlearning.

I am currently working at Relias as an course technologist in order to put this goal into practice by making courses for medical professionals in Xyleme and Storyline. In this role, I also edit the HTML and SCSS coding for the templates when needed.

If we made education to be as enjoyable and readily available as video games and social media, the world would be a better place. I strive to act on this idea everywhere I go.

Left: Ethan McElvaney in front of the Simpson Hills in Matanzas, Cuba while helping with camera equipment.

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