Several phones showing the cover for the Xyleme course.

Lyme Disease Xyleme Course

Client: Relias
Date: August 3, 2020

What I Did

  • Built a revised course in Xyleme
  • Added multiple new interactions to engage the learner
  • Looked through the template code for an error with an interaction
  • Reported errors to Xyleme through my manager

The Need: To Update the Course

Information on diseases is constantly changing, so Relias needs to update their courses for healthcare professionals periodically. One of the writers had just updated the information on their course about Lyme disease and assigned me to build it in Xyleme.

The Result

Currently, the course has gained a net promoter score of 50. After I spotted a glitch with the course’s carousel tab interaction where it would bounce constantly, this interaction was patched by Xyleme customer service. This glitch has never happened since.